Windows Kill Process By PORT Number.

By : Admin  |  Updated On : 27 Feb, 2021

Windows Kill Process By PORT Number.

Best and very easy way to kill port in windows system by port number. Below are the 2 stepts to achieve this.

Step 1

Run command-line as an Administrator. Then run the below command and type your port number in <yourPortNumber>

C:\Users\FiveMinute> netstat -ano | findstr :<yourPortNumber>

Red coloured circle area shows the PID (Process Identifier)

Step 2

Then you execute below command after identify the PID.

C:\Users\FiveMinute> taskkill /PID <typeyourPIDhere> /F

P.S. Run the first command again to check if process is still available or not. You'll get empty line if process is successfully ended.