Is India Going to Ban 250 Chinese Apps Including PUBG Mobile?

By : Admin  |  Updated On : 29 Jul, 2020

Is India Going to Ban PUBG Mobile? PUBG On Ban List?

If you are likewise attached to PUBG, at that point this news might be sad for you. After TikTok, the Indian government is additionally restricting PUBG, another most loved application of the vast majority. In the wake of forbidding 59 Chinese applications on 29 June 2020, the Indian government has now decided to ban clones of 47 Chinese applications too.

Actually, clones of some applications have begun showing up on the Play Store, taking into account, the Government of India has taken this decision. In such a circumstance, it is being conjectured that ' most loved PUBG can also be included in it. Now, various types of questions have started arising in the minds of people about PUBG. India is the biggest market for PUBG. As per a report, PUBG has been downloaded by around 175 million individuals up so far.

Can PubG Mobile be banned in India? Does this app also fall under the category of Chinese apps? Where does this app stand on data security and privacy? Here is our attempt to give you answers to some such questions arising in your mind regarding multiplayer gaming PUBG.

PUBG Chinese App or South Korean App?

PUBG means PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: There has been a longstanding debate over whether it is a Chinese app or a South Korean app. The reason for this is that the company making this app, Bluehole, is not from China but from South Korea. This company is a subsidiary of South Korean Bluehole Studios. PUBG Mobile was released in 2018 on Google Play Store and App Store. PUBG video games became increasingly popular and because of this, China's largest video games publisher Tencent Games bought a stake in South Korean Bluehole Company and launched the game in China.

Difference between PUBG and PUBG Mobile

The Chinese company Tencent Games bought a stake in Bluehole. The Tencent developed its mobile PUBG version. After this, Tencent became publisher of PUBG Mobile. Since then, Tensant's logo is also visible on opening PUBG mobile, which is a Chinese company. It is also important for you to understand that there is a difference between PUBG and PUBG Mobile. There is a difference between these two publishers too. In China, Bluehole launched PubG Mobile in association with Tencent. Initially, PUBG was purchased in Tencent for distribution in China. After this, he partnered with Bluehole to bring a mobile version of this game. This means the game played on Mobile, was created by Tencent Game and launched in China.

Matter of privacy

The privacy policy of PUBG Mobile is somehow the same as other apps, which access much important and unnecessary information from users. The privacy policy of PUBG Mobile says that the company's servers are also in India and the data of the users here are stored in its servers. Its servers are also in China. The company also stores some user data on servers in the US and Singapore.

The company can share your data with the third party

As far as the sharing of the personal information of the user is concerned, the company can give the data of Indian users of PUBG Mobile to any third party. The company clearly says we allow any third party to collect and use your data. We are responsible to ensure that no third party users disclose personal information with anyone.


PUBG has faced criticism many times and demands have been raised many times about the ban. From time to time, several types of complaints by parents and guardians of children also come in the news. In these, the impact of this game on the youth especially came to the fore and some state governments across the country temporarily banned the gaming app.