Are you aware digital marketing can make you billionaire in 2021. How?

By : FiveMinute  |  Updated On : 03 Mar, 2021

Are you aware digital marketing can make you billionaire in 2021. How ?

In this modern world, digital marketing is almost everywhere. Do you know who was the first digital marketer in the world?

His name is...

Guglielmo Marconi

[Image source - wikipedia]

Guglielmo Marconi - He was the first person to send a WireLess Signal.

Moreover, he is the inventor of the radio. Did you know that or not? please let us know through your comments.

Digital marketing has been around since then.

If you use a mobile or an electronic device, then of course you are connected to digital marketing.

If you want to know what digital marketing is, first you need to know what is marketing?


What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of presenting a product or service to the market or to the public.

In other words, marketing is the process of increasing demand and value by promoting a business, product, or service in the market or to the general public.

Even though everyone hears the word marketing, 60% of people don't have a good idea about it.

Most people think that marketing is to sell something by force.

Yes, there is reason to think so. There are some people who do these things just for profit.

let's take a look at what digital marketing is or how to do it.


What is digital marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is the method of marketing using electronic means. The main means of digital marketing are - Search Engines, Websites, Social media, email, mobile apps, billboards, etc.

Digital marketing is divided into two parts-

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing

Digital marketing/Online marketing

The ways in which marketing is done using the internet are called online marketing. A large part of digital marketing falls into this online marketing.

The 7 main mediums of online marketing are-

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although there are many search engines, most of us use Google.

The first three results of the search results are 75% clicks, so if you want to bring visitors to a site, it is important to bring the site in the first three ranks.

And if you want to bring sites in these first three ranks, you have to do SEO. The free visitors that you get through SEO, help a lot in marketing.

SEO is very important for free marketing of any of your services or products.

2. Paid Per Click (PPC)

It takes time to do SEO, many people use Google Adsense to get into the top three results.

If you search anything in google browser, you see that the first few results contain ads.

These are usually included in paid per click marketing. This type of marketing is very effective for getting instant results.

If you search for any type of product or paid service, you will see the results of this type of ad.

Take a look at the example, where the top results have been shown by ads just by searching digital marketing.

Once you click on these types of ads, they will re-target you. Because you are their potential customer.

This is how PPC marketing is done.


3. Content Marketing

By content marketing, we usually mean blogs, Facebook, viral YouTube videos.

It is a long-term process that builds a good relationship between the listener and the content provider.

This type of marketing will only work if the content is of high quality.

For example: if you follow a product review youtube channel, you will become a kind of a fan of that channel by watching its videos day after day. now you have become a potential customer of that channel. This is how content marketing is done by different companies or individuals.


4. Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a brand, product, or service using online social media.

The primary social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.

Since social media is the main means of communication for the youth, companies can easily market here.

Apart from the youth society, all kinds of people are noticeable here. Social media has the option to target, through which you can reach your target customers.

Now if you stay on social media for 1 minute, an ad will appear on your screen.

I myself use social media, generate a lot of sales. Social media marketing is a lucrative platform.


5. Video Marketing

Many big companies are making videos on YouTube to inform about their products. they are also doing video marketing on YouTube with the benefit of video promotion.

Moreover, there are many YouTube channels that promote many products.

You need to use Google AdSense for paid video marketing on YouTube. There you have to pay for every thousand views. In many cases, you have to pay for the clicks.

You can target those customers through video ads who watch that kind of video on YouTube.

If you search on Google for a product or service, you'll notice videos like that coming up on YouTube.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Some companies pay commissions for the promotion or sale of their products or services, this type of marketing of a company is called affiliate marketing.

If you have a blog website or YouTube channel, you can do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a skill-dependent job. Before doing affiliate marketing, find out which models it works on. The models are-

  • CPL (Cost per lead),
  • CPA (Cost per actions),
  • CPI (Cost per install),
  • CPD (Cost per download)


7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective medium in the field of digital marketing.

It is a medium that will help build and maintain relationships between your brand and customers.

There are many websites that want your email subscription. These are the reasons why they want to be able to do marketing through email later.

Thousands upon millions of emails are sent together through email marketing.

One of the tools used for email marketing is MailChimp

If your emails are targeted, the open rate is around 20% to 45%.

And in the case of emails without a general target, the open rate is 5% to 10%.


Offline marketing

This type of marketing is called offline marketing as it is done without the internet.

I said earlier that you are also associated with these mediums. Such as TV, radio, etc.

It is a marketing medium that is completely offline, but also through electronic devices.

Learn how offline marketing is done. The 4 main mediums of offline marketing are-


1.Billboard (Electronic)

This type of electric billboard can be seen in big cities.

These are planted in those places where people gather more. These are commonly seen at the intersections of highways, metro stations, and major roads.

In these, you will always see the ads of different companies running. These are also part of a kind of digital marketing.


2. Television (TV)

TV ads have been around since 1953.

Hopefully, everyone knows about advertising on TV. There is nothing new to say here.

TV ads for product or service branding have been around for a long time. You have to spend lakhs of rupees to pay for a few seconds of ad on TV.

TV ads are most often used to increase the brand value of a product or service.


3. Radio

The world's first digital advertising is done through this radio. And we have already said who did it. Please comment if you remember.

Eighty-five percent of people in America still listen to online radio and use it for an average of 2 hours a day.

Although radio now seems a bit old technology, 20 years ago it was the only digital medium for people.

Even if you don't remember anything, you must remember that people used to listen to commentary on the radio. And once an over was completed, the ad started.

There are many local speaking radio channels in which local companies invest.


4. SMS & Call

About 85% of internet users use smartphones.

Although marketing in this way is not very much popular nowadays, mainly telecom companies are very much applying it.

Also, if you something somewhere a mobile number was asked then calls and massages will definitely come from there in the name of offers and coupons.

For example amazon, shopping malls, etc.


Why do digital marketing?

I have been seeing the term digital marketing like gold and it is increasing day by day.

Now almost everyone has learned to use smartphones for cheap internet with 4G. As a result, digital advertisers are getting more and more new customers.

The market value of digital marketing in India alone was 160 billion Indian rupees in 2019. But it is likely to be 539 billion by 2024.


Why would you learn or do digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be done at a much lower cost than the rest of the marketing methods. (Affordability)
About 75% of young people have a smartphone. And they are constantly active on social media and YouTube. You can easily get them as a customer through digital marketing.
You can reach out to those customers who are willing to take your product or service through digital marketing.
In a very short time, you can increase the brand value of your product or service through advertisement, which is not possible anywhere else.
After clicking on your ads, you will be able to track everything that the customer has done or not done. And you will be able to analyze all those customers.
You can do this alone if your product or service is in the early stages. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time on it.
Everything around us was closed due to the Corona pandemic, but this digital marketing didn’t stop. Those who had a business online did not have any problem. You can also take this kind of advantage.
By learning this digital marketing you can apply for jobs in big companies.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment. We will definitely reply to your comments.