Puzzle Quiz, Advance Puzzle For Bank Exam.


(1 to 5) study the following question and answer.

Six persons Rajiv, Sunil, Kishan, Punit, Gaurav and Arjun live on six different floor of a building, starting from floor 1 to floor 6. No two persons have the same age among them. They bought six different things on the occasion of Dhanteras which are Mobile, Fridge, Bike, LEDTV, Microwave and Laptop but not necessarily in the same order.
1) The person who bought bike lives on one of the even numbered floors.
2) The person who bought fridge is 22 years old and lives on the top floor.
3) Rajiv’s age is 2 years more than half of the age of the person who lives four floors below him.
4) Neither Arjun nor Punit bought an LEDTV.
5) Gaurav lives three floors below Punit both do not live on either of the extreme floors.
6) Person who bought a mobile lives three floors below the person who is 27 years old.
7) Sunil is 25 years old i.e. 10 years younger than the person living three floors above him.
8) The person who bought microwave lives two floors below the person who is 32 years old.

Who among the following bought bike?