Methane gas can be used as rocket fuel to come from Mars.

By : Admin  |  Updated On : 10 Jan, 2021

Methane gas can be used as rocket fuel to come from Mars.

To bring astronauts back from Mars, methane gas has been developed as a rocket fuel.

The biggest problem of manned expedition on Mars is how to carry enough fuel to carry and bring back its astronauts. To solve this problem, NASA's Persistence Rover is preparing to use oxygen from carbon dioxide (CO2) on Mars. According to NASA scientists, they have found a solution to get rid of this problem. With the efforts of scientists, it has been reported that methane gas can be used as fuel.

Methane gas can be useful to bring back travelers
The University of California believes that the rocket's methane gas can be used as fuel to bring astronauts back to Earth. The Assistant Professor, who is in Physics and Astronomy, has found an effective way to use methane gas as rocket fuel under Holin Jin.

Why there was a need to make fuel on Mars.
Mars is far away from Earth, to go there, a lot of fuel has to be taken to come from there, which is quite a problem. That is why scientists have thought that to bring the rocket back, its fuel should be made using the same resources.

Elon Musk has given this method earlier too.
The way methane gas is used as a rocket fuel is not new, before billionaire and SpaceX owner Elon Musk and his team have described how to make fuel from methane gas.

It is not so easy to make it.
This technology is used to create breathable oxygen at the International Space Station. But this technique is not less than any challenge made in Mars. To make this methane gas in Mars, a lot of facilities are needed which we cannot take from the Earth.