Big achievement of Oxford University: Successful human trials with Corona Vaccine

By : Samarjeet Singh  |  Updated On : 30 Nov, -0001

Big achievement for Oxford University: Successful human trials with Corona Vaccine

Scientists from all around the world are engaged in search of the vaccine of coronavirus,  now Britain has achieved great success in this. The vaccine that Oxford University has prepared has proved positive.

The vaccine trial conducted by Oxford University has proved to be safe and there are indications of the improved immune system. Its data will be published soon.

Oxford University tried the vaccine at 1,077 people. Experiments have revealed that the injection of the vaccine has produced antibodies in the body of these people. This success of Oxford University raises a lot of hope.

In research published on Monday in the journal 'Lancet', scientists said they found that their experimental COVID-19 vaccine caused a double immune response in people between 18 and 55 years of age.

"We are seeing a good immune response in almost everyone," said Dr Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford. "This vaccine would have particularly strengthened both sides of the immune system," Hill said that the atoms produced by neutralizing antibodies are important to prevent infection. Also, this vaccine causes a reaction in the body's T-cells that help fight the coronavirus.

He said that large trials evaluating the effectiveness of the vaccine included approximately 10,000 people from the UK as well as participants from South Africa and Brazil. These trials are still going on in a big way. Another big trial is going to start in the US soon, which is targeted to include around 30,000 people.

Hill said that the Oxford vaccine is designed to reduce the spread of the disease. Hill said Oxford has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca to produce its vaccines globally and the company has already committed to producing two billion doses.