Yami Gautam met with an accident, got a permanent injury?

By : FiveMinute  |  Updated On : 02 Mar, 2021

Yami Gautam met with an accident, got a permanent injury?

Yami Gautam is shooting for 'Dashavi' in Agra. Yami will be seen in the role of an IPS officer from Haryana. While acting on the screen, he remembered her unfulfilled desire to be a policeman. The memory of a road accident has floated with her. The actress said this in an interview given to an all-India media recently.

One morning Yami left for Chandigarh University on her two-wheeler. At that time, the driver of the car in front of her gave the wrong signal to the actress. The woman turned the car to the left with a signal to go to the right. Yami was hit by a car and fell on the road. Helping Yami was far away, before she realized anything, the woman turned around and ran away. The actress said, “Fortunately I wore a helmet. I couldn't move. Any other car could have crushed me. But someone came and helped me to stand on my own two feet. ”

As it was winter, Yami was covered in many layers of clothes at that time. As a result, there were no cuts on her body. But the actress got a sore throat. The doctor advised her not to do any workouts.

The actress has to exercise to keep herself fit in the world of acting. Occasionally there is an old injury. But Yami gradually fixed it through yoga.