Honey Singh Net Worth 2021: Car, Salary, Assets, Income, lifestyle, Wife, Children

By : Sonal  |  Updated On : 11 Sep, 2021

Honey Singh Net Worth 2021: Car, Salary, Assets, Income, lifestyle, Wife, Children - Fiveminute.in

By the way, you people will be aware of many types of music, one of them is rapping, which is very popular in the young generation nowadays. The young generation follows rapping a lot and today we are going to talk about one such rapping star.  His name is Yo Yo Honey Singh, he has taken rapping to a high level in a very short time, the credit for popularizing rap in India goes to Honey Singh.

In this article, we will talk about Honey Singh's lifestyle, family life, career and net worth.

Honey Singh's birth,family
If you are a fan of Honey Singh, then you must have known some things about him, Honey Singh was born on 15 March 1983 in Punjab, his real name is Hirdesh Singh, Honey Singh married Shalini Talwar in 2011. You all must have heard that Honey Singh puts Yo Yo in his name which he got from his American friends which means your own Honey Singh.
Recently he had a divorce from his wife and his wife had accused him of domestic violence.

Honey Singh career
Honey Singh has grown very fast in his career. He is a singer, musician, composer, music producer and a live performer. Honey Singh sings in Hindi and Punjabi as well as rapping in many other languages. He is one of the most expensive musicians of our country. Honey Singh has also acted in many films like Mirza, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, The Xpose and Zoravar. His song Brown Rang was on the top 10 trending videos on YouTube.

Honey Singh net worth
Honey Singh's net worth is an average of Rs 180 crores, he charges up to ₹ 70 lakhs for a song. He is considered one of the most expensive singers of Bollywood and one of the highest taxpayers in the country. Honey Singh supports an NGO. Whose name is Dream for you and he works for women's safety Honey Singh's 1 month earning is more than one crore and he earns about 12 crores in 1 year.

Honey Singh House
Honey Singh has a house in two different places, one of his house is in his place of birth in Punjab, which is worth ₹ 3 crores and his second house is in DLF Gurgaon, a posh area of ​​Delhi NCR.

Honey Singh Car Collection

Honey Singh has a unique car collection, out of which he has some expensive cars of Jaguar and Audi, he also has a good collection of bikes, he has a Harley Davidson bike, the price of his cars ranges from 1.2 crores to 2 crores.

Net Worth:$25 Million
Name:Honey Singh
Net Worth In Indian Rupees:Rs. 180 Crore
Salary:12 Crore +
Monthly Income:1 Crore +
Date of Birth:March 15, 1983
Height:1.73 M (5' 6”)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Honey Singh?

Honey Singh’s total net worth is around $25 Million (Rs.180 Crores)

What is the real age of Honey Singh?

Currently, Honey Singh is 37 years old (15 March 1983)

What is the Salary of Honey Singh?

Honey Singh earns an estimated salary of Rs.12 crore Per Year.

What is Honey Singh Height?

The Height of Honey Singh is 1.73 M (5′ 6”).

What is the name of Honey Singh’s Wife?

Honey Singh Wife's name is Shalini Singh (m. 2011).