5 people raped a class 10th student going to coaching at the tip of a gun.

By : Admin  |  Updated On : 07 Jan, 2021

5 people gangraped class 10th student going to coaching at gunpoint

A 10th class student going to coaching, 5 people carried out the incident. The student was picked up in a Bolero and 5 men took him together, then carried out this abusive scandal at the tip of the gun. This incident of shame is of Muzaffarpur district, Bihar.

बताया गया है की इस मामले को  सकरा इलाके में एक बंद पेट्रोल पंप के जर्जर कमरे में अंजाम दिया गया है

The girl was repeatedly raped at the tip of the gun, after several attempts, the girl managed to escape from there, and then informed her family with the help of someone. After reaching home, when the whole situation was normal, the girl shared the entire incident with her family members.

सारी घटना बताने के बाद परिजनों ने इसकी सुचना सकरा जिले के थाने में दी

The student along with the family told the incident. Neeru Kumari, who is the SHO of the police station, filed a case under the POSCO Act. A case has been registered against Ezhar, Aditya Jha and three unknown people. The relatives somehow caught Md. Ejhar and handed him over to the police. He will be produced in a special court on Friday.


महिला थाने की पुलिस ने बिहार के सदर अस्पताल में मेडिकल जांच कराया गया जिसकी रिपोर्ट अभी आनी बाकी है

Purvi Manoj Pandey (DSP) has put the gang rape case of the victim. Women police are taking action. An accused has also been arrested. The victim told in woman police station that the incident took place on January 4th. She told that she studies in 10th class. At 4 o'clock in the evening she was going to Pipra Coaching on her bicycle. Then the Bolero coming from Pipra pushed him into his bicycle. She fell on the road with a bicycle. The Bolero was also accompanied by people sitting on bikes.


छात्रा ने महिला थाने को बताया की यह घटना 4 जनवरी की है।

As soon as the victim fell on the road, a young man quickly got down from the bike and forced the student to put her inside the Bolero.as the victim made noise they put a cloth in her mouth. Her face was also tightly tied with swabs and dupatta. She was then taken to the old dilapidated petrol pump room in Sujawalpur and then five men gang-raped her at the tip of the gun.


 एक गिरफ्तारी भी हो चुकी है

Jyoti Kumari (Female Inspector Sakra Police Station) told that the police station had brought the victim on the instructions of the officer. An arrest has been done. And the officer said that further action is going on.