Arithmetic question Asked In IBPS Clerk 2019.

By : Samarjeet Singh  |  Updated On : 03 Sep, 2020

Arithmetic question Asked In IBPS Clerk Mains 2019 ii Previous year IBPs question ii Hand written solution

Q1. From container A containing 54 litres of a mixture of milk and water in a ratio of 8: 1, 18 litres of the mixture is taken out and poured into container B in which ratio of milk to water is 3: 1. If the difference between total milk and total water in container B is 30 litre then find the quantity of the initial mixture in container B.

(a) 30 Liter  (b) 28 Liter  (c) 32 Liter  (d) 36 Liter  (e) 40 Liter

Answer: C

Q2. In a match of 50 overs, team A’s average runs for first thirty overs was 4.5 runs/over while for the remaining 20 overs the average was 5.5 runs/over. Team B chased the target and lost by 10 runs. Find the average runs per over scored by team B. (team B played all the 50 overs). (a) 4.4  (b) 5.2  (c) 4.7  (d) 5.6  (e) 3.8

Answer: C

Q3. A is 50% more efficient than B. They together start the work and 𝟕/𝟏𝟐 th of work is left after 8 days. Find in what time B alone will complete the whole work.

(a) 36 days (b) 44 days (c) 50 days (d) 40 days (e) 48 days

Answer: C

Q4. A man invested an amount at the rate of 10% p.a. on compound interest and after two years he again invested half of the initial amount. If man got Rs. 457.2 Rs. as interest after three years, find the amount received by man after three years, if he invested same amount on simple interest at rate of 15% p.a.?

(a) 1740 Rs. (b) 1720 Rs. (c) 1760 Rs. (d) 1780 Rs. (e) None of these

Answer: A 

Q5. A and B entered the business by making an investment of Rs. 4000 & Rs. 5500 respectively. After six months A & B withdrew Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500 respectively and C joined them with a capital of Rs. 4x. If after one year and three months C received Rs. 2250 as profit share out of the total profit of Rs. 12250, then find the investment of C?

(a) Rs. 3600  (b) Rs. 3200  (c) Rs. 4400  (d) Rs 3000  (e) Rs. 2800

Answer: D

Q6. Train A can cross a man in 8 sec and a 180 m long platform ‘P’ in 17 sec. If train A cross train B which is running in opposite direction at speed of 108 km/hr in 8 sec, then find time taken by train B to cross platform P?

(a) 16 sec (b) 11 sec (c) 14 sec (d) 12 sec (e) 15 sec

Answer: D

Q7. There are two shopkeepers, first shopkeeper calculates his profit percent on the selling price whereas the second shopkeeper calculates his profit percent on the cost price. If the selling price for both the shopkeeper is same and the difference between their profits is Rs.175. Then, calculate the sum of the cost price for both the shopkeeper if the profit percent for the both shopkeeper is 25%?

(a) Rs 5425  (b) Rs 4875  (c) Rs 4675  (d) Rs 5275 (e) Rs 5325


Q8. If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Ayush and takes 25% of that then we get the present age of his only son. 4 years ago, his daughter’s age is 7 years more than his son. Sum of daughter’s present age and his wife’s present age is 10 years more than Ayush’s present age then find the present age of Ayush if average of present age of entire family is 30.25 yr?

(a) 45 year (b) 50 year (c) 60 year (d) 40 year (e) 36 year


Q9. ‘X’ is a bread seller who marked up the price of each bread packet by 150% above and allows discounts of 40% and made a profit of Rs. 30 on each bread pocket. If ‘X’ allows 37.5% discount on each packet, then find how much profit he gets on selling 80 bread packets?

(a) Rs 2750 (b) Rs 3200 (c) Rs 2500 (d) Rs 2700 (e) Rs 2400